Epic landscapes

From wide-open Prairie vistas to majestic mountain scenes, towering forests to rugged coastlines, we’re looking for the most epic landscape photos showcasing Canada’s geographic diversity.

Wildlife in action

An owl swooping down to capture its prey. A moose wading in the morning mist. A bear fishing in the clear waters of a mountain stream. We want to see your best shots of Canadian wildlife in action. Before entering this category, please review our wildlife photography code of ethics below.

Weather, seasons and sky

It’s quite possibly the most-discussed topic among Canadians: the weather! We’re looking for images that will get us talking — about summer thunderstorms, winter blizzards and everything in between.

City life

More than 80 per cent of people in Canada live in urban areas, so we want to know: what makes your city unique? What is it like to live there? Intimate or anonymous, gritty or grandiose, we’re looking for images that tell a compelling story about contemporary life in Canadian cities.

Canadian photographer of the year 2021

Awarded to a single photographer for outstanding work submitted to any category in the competition. To be considered for this award, you must submit at least three (3) images into the competition.

Wildlife Photography Code of Ethics

Photo entries of animals in captivity or in conditions that are unnatural are not permitted.

Use of live bait to attract or control subjects is not permitted.

Pet or farm animals and commercially cultivated plants are not classified as natural for the purposes of the Competition and must not be represented in any photo entries.

Habitat disturbance should always be kept to a minimum when in natural surroundings. Entrants must ensure that they minimise any impact that their presence has on the subject and its surrounding environment.

Any existing conservation requirements must be obeyed, and local laws upheld.

Drone photography is acceptable, but should performed in such a way as to not interfere with or overly stress the subject animal(s).

We reserve the right to disqualify any photo entries where the entrant is suspected of having engaged in any unethical practice in connection with the photo entry.